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Ferrino Maverick 2 Review

Ferrino mountain tent review
  • Weight and footprint
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Habitability
  • Wind and rain protection
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The Ferrino Maverick 2 is a durable two-person tent for alpine and winter conditions, with a single tarp but suitable for 4 seasons. The perfect combination of light weight and low volume, it is suitable for short trekking, winter mountaineering and ski touring trips. The single tarp allows for very quick assembly and disassembly, even in extreme weather conditions.


  • Minimal weight and bulk
  • High altitude functional details
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and low temperatures
  • Fast assembly and disassembly


  • Only one door
  • Reduced space for long trips

The Ferrino Maverick 2 is a two-person tent with a single tarp, whose high-tech fabric provides excellent resistance to low winter temperatures and high altitudes.

It is a tent designed by the Turin-based company for mountaineering and ski touring adventures in extreme conditions, but thanks to its light weight it is suitable and versatile for any type of excursion, from trekking in hot and humid areas to cycling tours.

Ferrino Maverick 2 patagonia fall test
Ferrino maverick 2 in the autumn test

Technical features of the Ferrino Maverick 2

  • Weight: min. 2.2 kg, max. 2.5 kg
  • Volume: 1.5 m3
  • Dimensions: 16×42 cm
  • Structure: Double cross
  • Materials: Double roof Polyamide Ripstop 40D, 80 g/m2, with membrane 10000 mm Floor Polyamide 70D, 95 g/m2, polyurethane coating waterproof 8000 mm
  • Frame: 7001 T6 tempered aluminium alloy frame with characteristics of lightness, strength and elasticity.
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Ferrino Maverick 2

Test mode

I tested the Ferrino Maverick 2 tent during the summer in Chilean Patagonia, for multi-day trips in extreme environments.

This country has the peculiarity of having 4 seasons in a day and therefore requires a tent that can withstand the harshest conditions.

In autumn, my friend Elena, also in Patagonia, tested it in different climatic situations: temperatures reached -10 degrees at 1500-2000 metres above sea level. In the summer it was tested in rain, strong winds and thunderstorms.

test ferrino
Ferrino maverick 2 in test

The Ferrino Maverick 2 on-site test

Dimensions and transport

The Ferrino Maverick 2 is not only very light (max. 2.5 kg) but also extremely compact. On solo treks, I had no problem carrying it in my 40-litre backpack, which contained the tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, stove, food and heavy clothing.

size of the tent closed
Size of bag and poles compared to a 1l Nalgene

The tent bag is very light, so even with two people there is no point in separating it from the tent to distribute the weight.

compressing the tent
The tent bag allows good compression with straps

Assembly and disassembly

Assembly and dismantling are quick and easy, thanks to a system of two poles crossed in the middle to which the tarpaulin is attached with classic plastic hooks. The simple structure of the tarpaulin allows very easy assembly, even in windy and cold conditions, with the use of gloves.

The two poles, which have been probed, both fit into the tubes of the tent. Once both are in place, the tent is raised, the poles are inserted into the eyelets and the tent is ready to pitch.

This can be done by one person and takes 4-5 minutes, but with two people it takes half the time and is even quicker.

Mono tent fabric and poles being erected
Mono tent fabric and poles being erected
Cross pole system
Detail of the cross poles holding the tent together

Take down is just as easy, just wrap the fabric around the poles and put everything in the bag in less than five minutes.

assembling the tent

The poles are perfect for snow and also work well in other terrain. However, the concave structure tends to collect a lot of dirt, which needs to be cleaned out before putting the pegs back in the bag provided.

Inserting ferrino maverick tent pegs
Inserting ferrino maverick tent pegs
Inserting and pulling system
Inserting and pulling system

Tent set up, pegged and guyed

The comfort of the tent is good, but I would not recommend it for two very tall people. Two women, rather petite, with two large backpacks and gear fit in perfectly, but it might be too small for taller people.

ventilations bags
Ventilation bags

The air vents, which open outwards without opening the tent door, allowed me to spit out water from brushing my teeth without having to leave the tent. Very useful in bad weather.

one person test
Tent occupied by one person
two people test
Tent occupied by two people

The atrium is not very spacious, but it has room for shoes and backpackss if you want to put them outside to make room inside. I personally used the atrium to heat water from the stove in the morning without having to get out of my sleeping bag. I do find the zip opening a little awkward as it tends to sag and fall to the ground, getting dirty.

external door fastener
External door fastener

Some of the interior details are very nice, such as the removable gear pouches and the triangular window that allows you to see the scenery.

item holder
Item holder
Curtain window


The insulation is very good, even with only one curtain I have not seen any condensation. There is very good airflow and very good heat retention. Even ground dampness at low temperatures on frozen vegetation did not cause moisture to escape from under the awning.

In fact, you can see that even with only one sheet, the floor section is much thicker than the wall section. I have to admit that it looks a lot lighter and less insulating than it actually is.

Ferrino Highlab
Ferrino highlab

Recommended for

There are people who like to have a tent for every activity they do in the mountains, but in my case, to reduce fuel consumption and space at home, I prefer to have one tent that is versatile and suitable for all mountain activities.

In Patagonia, I needed a lightweight tent for the long forest approaches I had to make to get to the mountain, and a 4-season tent for the constant change in weather conditions.

base camp
All-female base camp

I found the Ferrino Maverick 2 Highlab to be perfect for the conditions here and in many other places in the Alps that allow winter and mountaineering sports that require overnight stays and equipment that allows you to move nimbly and quickly.

I would not recommend it for large build people who want to base camp on long expeditions.

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Mountaineering, rock climbing, ski touring, trail running or trekking? You decide which reviews to receive directly in your email!