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Cimalp Rockfit Review

cimalp rockfit
  • Wind and snow protection
  • Thermal comfort
  • Breathability and ventilation
  • Wearability and freedom of movement
  • Desing and features
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A pant that does not shine in design but offers substance at a reasonable price. Contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, it is not an all-weather garment, but is suitable for cold and windy climates and activities in the snow. Very good durability and fit.


  • Comfort and fit
  • Thermal comfort
  • Robustness and protection
  • Integrated quick-release belt


  • Lack of back pocket
  • Traditional design

The Cimalp Rockfit pants are the result of a design aimed at ensuring comfort and durability, with a focus on cold climates and spring snow hikes.

They offer a good fit and pleasant freedom of movement, making them suitable for walking in the mountains and other outdoor contexts.

Thanks to the use of PFC-free materials, they are also an environmentally conscious choice.

cimalp pants on snow

Technical features of the Cimalp Rockfit

  • Softshell Bi-Stretch 100%stretch fabric
  • Cimaflex fabric water-repellent and windproof up to 100km/h
  • Bluesign® label for environmental impact
  • DWR stain treatment
  • Kevlar reinforcements on buttocks, knees and leg bottom
  • Side ventilation zips
  • Hooks for laces
  • 4 large pockets with waterproof zips
  • Integrated belt
  • Integrated mini compass
  • Weight: 530 g size M
  • Manufacturer country: China
  • Manufacturer link

Test mode

I tested the pants between March and April this year. I used them on several trekking outings at varying altitudes, on two classic mountaineering days and on an avalanche drill with the mountain rescue service.

During the hikes, I encountered variable weather with some days very hot and some without a ray of sunshine and very humid.

Cimalp Rockfit on-site test

How they look

At first glance, the Cimalp Rockfit pants may seem a little retro. They do not impress with their design, but prove to be technologically sound. Made of elastic Softshell Bi-Stretch fabric and water-repellent Cimaflex fabric, these trousers offer a convincing combination of comfort and performance.

cimalp pants

Let me make an important premise right away: although on the Cimalp website they are presented as ‘ideal for all outdoor activities and in any season’, in reality these Cimalp trousers are a garment for cold-weather outings. I would not recommend them for temperatures above 10°, unless you are particularly cold.

Regulation and comfort of the Cimalp Rockfit

During use, the Cimalp Rockfit proved to be versatile and comfortable, providing comfort and freedom of movement even during longer walks.

The Softshell Bi-Stretch fabric does its job well: the pant follow the movement of the leg even during the most pronounced bends, avoiding chafing and awkward movements.

cimalp rockfit on snow test

The integrated belt of the Cimalp Rockfit allows precise adjustment, fitting comfortably to different waist circumferences. In addition, it provides excellent support for the trousers in the case of full pockets. It closes with a convenient snap buckle, which is practical even when wearing gloves.


The Cimalp Rockfit pants are equipped with four waterproof zipped pockets, which offer a good level of practicality.

The two front leg pockets are sufficiently large, and the one on the right is equipped with an elastic net into which you can insert your smartphone, preventing it from dancing around inside the pocket.

two front leg pockets
The two front leg pockets
the elastic smartphone net
The elastic smartphone net

A curious detail is the presence of a small compass embedded in the zip of one of the side pockets. A detail that adds a touch of functionality and practicality, as it can be useful to have it available in certain situations. Never underestimate a simple compass during a nice whiteout at altitude.

the compass
The practical compass embedded in the zip

However, the Cimalp Rockfits are not equipped with a back pocket. That’s a pity, because I personally appreciate this, particularly for storing my wallet safely and accessibly while trekking.

cimalp rockfit

Breathability, thermicity and waterproofness of Cimalp Rockfit

The combination of the two fabrics, water-repellent and windproof in the most exposed areas and elastic in the others, works to allow a good compromise between protection and breathability. The interior has a pleasant gauzed treatment that helps to insulate thermally even in cold and windy weather.

A detail I particularly appreciated are the two side openings on the legs, which aid thermoregulation during intense exertion. Without these openings, the trousers would objectively be very warm.

ventilation pockets
In warmer climates, it is imperative to open the ventilation pockets.

However, it would have been more advantageous if they had been equipped with a net to prevent the ingress of snow or other external debris, which could be annoying.

The water-repellent treatment provides additional protection against light rain and snow, while maintaining a comfortable dry feel. In particular, Kevlar reinforcements on the buttocks and knees allow you to sit or kneel in wet conditions without any problems.

 waterproof test on wet grass
Waterproof test on wet grass

I must say that their breathability and waterproofness exceeded my expectations, protecting me from damp and cold even on outings when the weather worsened and temperatures dropped suddenly. In short, as mentioned at the beginning, they proved to be particularly suitable trousers for cold climates.

A further detail that makes them protective is the practical hook that allows the end of the trousers to be attached to the boot laces, to prevent snow or debris from entering.

front hook
The front hook helps prevent snow and debris from entering the boot

Abrasion resistance

The Cimalp Rockfit trousers have demonstrated excellent abrasion resistance. The Kevlar reinforcements on the buttocks, knees and leg bottoms are also designed for intensive use, such as climbing, via ferrata and mountaineering.

During one of my outings, the Kevlar reinforcement withstood even a crampon kick without being damaged.

kevlar reinforcements

I was really impressed with the fabric, especially considering that I put the trousers through their paces throughout the test. They passed unscathed through brambles, sharp limestone and even handling sharp material such as crampons, ice axes and avalanche shovels.


Cimalp Rockfit are distinguished by their eco-sensitivity. They are Bluesign certified, the certification that guarantees an environmentally friendly production process. In addition, fabrics made from PFC-free materials reflect Cimalp’s commitment to sustainable solutions, offering a responsible alternative.

Fit of the Cimalp Rockfit

With my 187 cm height and 80 kg weight, I opted for size L. Usually with other brands I am comfortable with a medium size, but with the Cimalp a larger size was necessary.

fit of cimalp rockfit

In any case, the fit of the pants really excellent, thanks to a comfortable cut that fits the body without restriction. This is particularly appreciable for those like me who have an averagely narrow waist.

The presence of the integrated belt ensures a customised fit that remains constant during activity, avoiding annoying adjustments while walking.

Recommended for

The Cimapl Rockfit pants are not a particularly innovative design, but they are a garment of ‘substance’, good value for money, and can be used from November until late spring at higher altitudes.

I would therefore recommend them to anyone looking for robust, comfortable and protective pants for outdoor activities in cold and windy climates. Ideal for snow activities such as trekking, snowshoeing and winter or high altitude mountaineering.

Price: 129.90 €

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