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Cimalp Torre Review

cimalp torre midlayer review
  • Wind protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Breathability
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Fit and freedom of movement
  • Design and functionality
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Midlayer designed for mountaineering, ski touring and hiking in colder seasons. Excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation and breathability.


  • Excellent breathability
  • High thermal insulation
  • Very snug hood and high collar
  • Low bulk and light weight


  • Absence of the buttonhole for the thumb
  • Stitching quality can be improved

The Cimalp Torre is described by the French company as an essential garment for high-altitude sports.

It is a mid-layer (classic second layer) made from the patented “Cimagrid” fabric, which is designed to be highly breathable and thermally insulating. Despite being a second layer, I also appreciated it for its good wind protection.

cimalp torre

Technical features of the Cimalp Torre

  • Breathable and warm
  • Cimagrid 230gr/m² fabric, 94% polyester, 6% Spandex (elastane)
  • Easily compressible and lightweight
  • Elastic for ample freedom of movement
  • Close-fitting fit
  • Central zipper + two large chest pockets
  • High collar for better resistance to cold and wind
  • Elasticized waist and cuffs
  • Weight: 304 g size M
  • Manufacturer link

Cimagrid fabric consists of a material made of mesh that optimizes sweat absorption and limits the weight of the fabric, so that the garment is compressible and takes up little space.

dimension of cimalp midlayer
This weave internally reminds me of chenille, given its extreme softness

Test mode

I used this product in the winter of 2023, which was characterised by very significant weather changes throughout the season and extremely variable days.
In fact, I experienced

  • Periods of heavy and prolonged snowfall;
  • Sunny but very cold days, with the thermometer around ten degrees below zero;
  • Endless windy days.

The testing environment was mostly alpine, with altitudes ranging from 1200m to 3000m.

cimalp torre ski touring test

Cimalp Torre on-site test

Absolutely first try with Cimalp, so I didn’t know what to expect or what its average standard was, and I was pleasantly impressed.

winter test of the midlayer


As I mentioned earlier, I was very impressed with the breathability of this garment. I’ve worn it on long ascents where I didn’t have time to stop and take off layers, only to find myself with a wet backpack when the fleece was practically dry. I have also worn it under a shell on climbs with unbelievable gusts of wind and found it to be a perfect fit without having to add or remove anything.

Wind protection

Cimalp claims good wind protection even in 60 km/h gusts. In high wind conditions and wearing only the fleece, I was able to verify this:ù

  • the insulation around the head/neck was great; when I was wearing the hood, I did not feel the need for an extra layer.
  • when I did put on the windproof shell, it was only to prevent the mid layer from being soaked by the snow that inevitably flew everywhere.

Thermal insulation

The Cimalp Torre fleece met my needs for warmth. In fact, on the coldest days I simply added a Primaloft jacket and possibly a shell to keep out the wind. I struggled to keep it on when climbing and walking in spring temperatures, as it was too warm for me, and I used it as a thermal layer during breaks.

cimalp torre in the snow


The hood is the ‘plus’ element and was a good find as similar midlayers often lack it and frankly it is a flaw. The feeling when wearing the hood is that it is nice and snug, as it has an elasticated edge and also protects well under the neck.

Cimalp also advertises it as being worn over the helmet, but personally I have always used it under the helmet or in place of a hat when the wind suddenly comes up and you don’t feel like stopping, taking off your pack and looking for something to put on your head.

midllayer with hood
Wrap-around hood


The Cimalp Torre fleece has two pockets at chest height, so they can also be used with the harness. I understand the logic of this, although I personally would have preferred them at waist level.

chest pockets
Detail of the chest pockets


I found the sleeves to be excessively long; in fact, they come up to cover the thumb. I would have, at this point, appreciated a buttonhole to tuck the thumb in. It’s a little detail I appreciate in jackets or midlayers, for practicality in dressing and for having that little extra protection from the cold.

sleeves of the midlayer


Here I have to report a defect in the garment: after about 20 outings I verified that a seam on the wrist has started to darken. It may be a localized defect, which in any case I will check again in the coming months.

Seam with signs of wear
Seam with signs of wear

Fit of Cimal Torre

The Cimalp Torre is a midlayer that fits well straight out of the box and, despite its snug fit, does not stick to the body. In fact, I was at a loss at first as to which size to choose, between an M (which is what I normally use for this type of garment – I am 165 cm tall and weigh 60 kg) or an L, as I wanted to avoid wearing something that would envelop me too tightly. In the end, I chose an M, which fits perfectly and I wear it with long-sleeved underwear underneath.

The waist and cuffs are elasticated so that the garment ‘hugs’ the body and does not slip off with movement.

The collar is nice and high for extra protection from the wind and cold.

testing the cimalp torre

Recommended for

The Cimalp Torre is a compact mid-layer that is ideal for all winter and cold weather activities where you need a highly breathable thermal layer. I recommend it for ski mountaineering, high-altitude mountaineering and snowshoeing, where you climb under stress and sweat a lot. Also interesting is its good windproofness, which is good for a mid layer that would not normally have this function.
I would also recommend it for non-winter activities, if you are planning trips where you will be climbing a lot of altitude and could be caught out by a sudden change in the weather.

Price: € 89.90

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