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Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0 HD Review

scarpa ribelle tech 2.0
  • Comfort
  • Protection and support
  • Traction and grip
  • Performance on rock
  • Performance on snow/ice
  • Thermal comfort
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Ultra light, super efficient boot. A glove for adventures where speed, efficiency and lightness are essential. Make sure you choose the right size.


  • Light weight
  • Wraparound gaiter
  • Very efficient walking
  • High quality design


  • Not recommended for narrow feet

The Scarpa Ribelle Tech HD 2.0 boot is the flagship of Asolo’s Ribelle range of boots, made with high performance technical materials and designed to be light, fast and precise.

The HDry membrane ensures waterproofing and breathability. Also recently launched are the Ribelle trail shoes, which aim to take the concept of speed associated with this boot line even further.

The boot under test is the ultimate expression of the “fast and light” concept for high altitude mountaineering.

Technical features of the Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0

  • Elastic gaiter integrated
  • Lining: Primaloft Silver and Gold insulation
  • Upper shoe: HDry membrane
  • Weight: 690 g (size 43.5)
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weight of scarpa ribelle 2.0 boot

Boots features

As soon as you take them out of the box, the first thing you think is “how cool are they?

For Scarpa, orange is the colour of high performance: it is used for the Phantom, the Ribelle Tech HD, the Instinct VS and the Mistral boots.

These boots were born to break the rules, hence the name Ribelle. They are hybrid boots, inspired by the different types of footwear for the vertical world and using the best solutions to create an effective and efficient boot:

  • From the world of climbing comes an asymmetric lacing that looks more like a bootie than a boot.
  • From the winter trail comes a gaiter that “hugs” the ankle.
  • Also from the trail comes a completely seamless construction. This means there are no holes for water to get in and the upper is flat with no chafing points.
detail of closing system
Highlighted corner of orange panels not closed well by laces, remains a bit raised

Inside, the upper of the Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0 is insulated with Primaloft© type Silver in the back and middle, and type Gold in the forefoot: the warmest. This mix of insulations is often found in gloves.

hd dry membrane

The entire upper is waterproofed with the HDry system. The waterproof and breathable membrane is laminate-applied directly underneath the bootleg to prevent water accumulation.

tubolar laces boots scarpa ribelle 2.0

The laces are tubular: their size and stretch are perfect, they can be tightened well without the risk of loosening.

In the front, the laces start from a metal eyelet, pass through metal eyelets on the inside of the shoe and through webbing on the outside, and end at the ankle on two lugs that restrict the laces. This makes it possible to vary the tension between the forefoot and the ankle.

semi automatic type

As you can see, the toe only has a notch on the heel for attaching the crampons, whichmust therefore be semi-automatic.

The special construction of the Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0, aimed at reducing the external volume, means that the front notch required for automatic crampons has to be omitted. This is a bit of a shame, because an automatic crampon combined with this boot would be an ideal mix for extreme icefalls and high level dry tooling.

upper part of the boot

The sole is Vibram, pre-arched to give a natural roll. It is neither too stiff nor too high, allowing a natural gait without the feeling of rolling on the toes that you get with stiffer boots.

The front toe of the sole is perfect for rock climbing.

vibram sole
climbing zone scarpa ribelle 2.0

The whole package weighs only 690 grams in size 43.5! The lightest boot ever tested on MountainReview.

Test mode

I tested the Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0 HD in spring and early summer along the Odle gullies. I also tested them on the crag to check their accuracy on rock climbing.

On-site test of the Scarpa Ribelle Tech HD 2.0

First impression

As soon as you put these boots on, you know you’re dealing with something different: you have to pull the gaiter almost like a climbing shoe to get your foot inside. Once inside, the foot feels tight, both at the heel, thanks to a stiff cup that holds it well, and at the forefoot.

lacing system

After that, tightening the laces is quick and easy.

Walking on rocks and scree is perfect with these boots. The sole is not too stiff, so it adapts to the rocks, and the ankle is well protected.

testing the scarpa ribelle 2.0  while approaching

Performance with crampons

On hard snow without crampons, the “no edges” structure of the sole and its lightness do not allow it to carve the snow effectively. You feel the need to put on crampons sooner than with a stiffer boot.

As mentioned above, the automatic crampon without front pull would have been perfect for this boot, as it would have enhanced its essentiality. The semi-automatic crampons are a little less aesthetically pleasing, but their effectiveness is still very good.

The very soft ankle also allows for good mobility, so you can adjust the 10-12 crampon tips to the slope you are on.

scarpa boots with crampons

Comfort and climbing use

Even in warm temperatures, you can feel a slight chill in your feet when walking in the snow. This is a sign that the Rebel Tech HD 2.0s aren’t made for standing still in the snow: they’re made for climbing quickly, especially when your feet are cold.

When I tried them at the crag, I was able to do a 6b with ease, without having to squeeze my toes too hard. Being able to do a V in boots is such a big deal: you can climb so many classic routes at altitude.

When you try them on rock and try to tighten the laces on your foot a bit more, you find that if you have particularly thin feet, it is a bit difficult to get a good grip on your foot. This is where the half size down might have come in handy.

scarpa ribelle 2.0 climbing test

Water resistance

The HDry membrane also delivers what it promises: the boots are waterproof and perfectly breathable. Even after hours of walking, I found my feet quite dry, without the feeling of accumulated sweat inside.

Fit of the Scarpa Ribelle Tech 2.0

For this product, fit is really important. If you want to buy these boots, invest time in the store to find the right size.

In general, Scarpa recommends going ½ or 1 size up, depending on the feel you are looking for.

However, the Ribelle Tech 2.0’s are so precise and deliberately “climbing” in construction that the sizing and sizing choices are unprecedented.

For me, the Tech HD 2.0s are boots that need to be precise on the foot so that I can use them on rock faces where I would normally use booties. Similarly, when I’m using crampons on a tricky passage, I want to feel the crampons right against my big toe.

sizing and fit

So here is how I chose the size of these boots, after comparing myself with others who were already using them.

I have the right foot 43.5 and the left just over 43. I was very undecided on what size to get. Internally at Scarpa they had recommended the same size, if not half a size smaller. For fear of my right foot being too narrow, I chose 43.5. But already after the first use, I say that the half size less would have worked just fine, especially for me who has a skinny foot.

Recommended for

I recommend the Ribelle Tech HD 2.0 to motivated, fast climbers who are looking for high performance and are aware of the weight of their equipment.

Lifting 690 grams 10,000 times a day is much better than lifting 1000 grams. Try it and you will wish you had the Rebel Tech HD 2.0!

scarpa ribelle 2.0 test
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