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Meindl Tonale GTX Review

meindl tonale gtx
  • Comfort
  • Stability and precision
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Sole
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Very soft and comfortable hiking shoe, suitable for itineraries even of many hours. It offers stability and protection while still remaining very light on the foot. A shoe for long treks on easy terrain even in hot weather, thanks to the good breathability offered by the mesh inserts.


  • Comfort on long hikes
  • Precise lacing
  • High foot and ankle protection
  • Excellent grip


  • Excessive flexibility for more technical terrain

The Meindl Tonale Gtx are boots designed to accompany you on hikes that require more ankle protection than a low cut shoe, while still remaining lightweight and comfortable.

With a solid and reliable construction, the Meindl Tonale offers a classic fit, but also features some interesting innovations that adds additional comfort and support to the foot.

meindl tonale gtx

Technical features of the Meindl Tonale GTX

Premium construction materials make the Meindl Tonale Gtx reliable adventure companions. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures excellent waterproofing, while the Vibram sole provides stability and grip on even the most complex terrain.

  • Upper: Suede leather and mesh
  • Lining: Gore-Tex
  • Outsole: Vibram
  • Lacing: hook-and-loop at the top and extended to the toe box
  • Variofix system
  • Weight: 530 gr (size 42)
  • Manufacturer link
meindl shoes

Test mode

I used these boots for several hikes from June to August this year. I tested them at low altitudes on hiking trails, at higher altitudes around 2,000 meters, and on two days of drills with Mountain Rescue.

testing the shoes with mountain rescue

I also tried the Meindl Tonale Gtx on a long hiking guide tour wearing them for over 10 hours. During this hike there were several mandatory stops and I went off the trail several times to assist the group. As a final stress test, I tried them on a trek near the sea with decidedly above average temperatures.

testing meindl boots

Meindl Tonale GTX on-site test

How the Meindl Tonale GTX looks like

The first thing that impressed me while wearing the Meindl Tonale GTX was the feeling of great comfort. I had the perception of wearing something very snug and protective despite being an extremely light and flexible boot.

The Meindl Tonale Gtx shoes also offer excellent ankle support.

The collar of the shoes is carefully designed: it is high enough and padded comfortably, especially around the ankle, to provide a snug and stable feel. It gives you positive feedback during use, keeping your foot in place.

In addition, the collar has a handy back tab that makes it easier to slide your foot into the shoe, but it can also be used to hang the boot from your harness, for example, when you use it as an approach shoe before a long climb.

Ankle tab and heel support
Ankle tab and heel support

Comfort and fit

The Meindl Tonale Gtx have an upper that wraps both the foot and the ankle quite well, making them very comfortable on any terrain you have used them on, regardless of whether uphill, flat or downhill.
Foot protection is provided by a generous band that surrounds the entire boot.
The band is obviously not as rigid as in mountaineering boots, but I had no problems when I passed through areas with sharp stones.

Detail of the lacing system on the instep
Detail of the lacing system on the instep

Lacing goes all the way to the toe allowing almost total customization of loads along the foot at different stages of trekking.
In addition, there is the Variofix system that ensures a perfect fit in the heel area. During lacing, the free-running “speed wire” strap is pulled evenly around the heel and returns an excellent fit.

There are three hooks at the ankle, the first choke to hold the laces, the second to close the knot, and the third at the front. I found this to be a very good solution because it allowed me to choose independently whether to soften or stiffen the neck of the boot.

Variofix system
Variofix system aids lacing precision

Walking behavior

It is immediately noticeable that the construction favors the flex of the boot thus maintaining a wide margin of flexibility, which I particularly appreciated when climbing and when I found myself climbing natural steps or over obstacles of various kinds.

meindl tonale gtx on rock

This flexibility is definitely a plus for overall comfort and confirms the all-around versatility of the Meindl Tonale Gtx. At the same time, however, it limits performance on rougher terrain and does not allow the possible use of crampons on snowy, technical trails, terrain for which the Tonale is not suitable.

The Vibram sole compound is very durable thanks to the marked tread designed to improve grip on slippery terrain and rocks. However, I did not find it very precise on small footholds, aided by the lack of a climbing zone at the toe. But again, these are not boots designed for use on technical terrain.

vibram sole

On the flat and on paved surfaces, the walk feels very light and on long stretches it helps a lot with cushioning and flex.
On descents, I noticed a very good hold of the whole lace system that manages to keep the foot wrapped and prevents any possible internal slippage with the resulting annoying (and dangerous) friction.

testing meindl tonale gtx boots

Thermal, breathability and waterproofness

Waterproofing is great, I always had dry and protected feet since the Gore-Tex membrane does its job excellently in all conditions.

meindl boots

The Meindl Tonale Gtx proved to be suitable for moderately warm climates and moderate temperatures.
The mesh upper feels very cool and I really appreciated a particular efficiency of breathability.

meindl shoe detail

Therefore, I would also suggest using them on hot days or in hot environments because although you may incur excessive foot perspiration, the Gore-Tex and mesh allow adequate breathability.


I was impressed by the good durability of the Meindl Tonale Gtx. Despite several outings over rough terrain they remained in excellent condition.
Aside from a few inevitable stains and scratches, they are still perfectly fine, waterproof, and with the grip of the sole seemingly unaffected by use.

meindl tonale gtx


The Meindl Tonale Gtx wraps the foot very precisely and is perfect for those with a medium to wide footbed.

Therefore, it is not a very suitable fit for those who have a very narrow sole or are used to boots from brands that have a much more filiform footbed. I found the fit to be consistent with what I usually wear.

lacing detail

Recommended for

Meindl Tonale Gtx boots are a suitable choice for the hiker who wants to take on long treks during warm weather, and who is looking for quality, durable footwear to keep on his or her feet for many hours.

These boots offer a combination of lightness, sturdiness, support and comfort, which makes them great even for multi-day tours on difficult hiking terrain from 1,000 to 2,500 meters. I therefore recommend them for those who like to hike frequently and for those who are looking for an all around boot to use every Sunday.

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