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Ferrino Finisterre 28 Review

Ferrino Finisterre 28
  • Back breathability
  • Comfort
  • Features
  • Stability
  • Weight
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An upgrade of one of Ferrino’s most popular models, the Finisterre 28 is a high-quality, multipurpose backpack designed for trekking but also suitable for more. An excellent all-in-one, high-performance, intelligently constructed backpack.


  • Versatility
  • Front zip access to the inside of the pack
  • Breathable back
  • Numerous and well distributed pockets
  • Integrated RECCO safety system


  • Aesthetically unappealing front opening if you do not tighten the straps
  • Lack of sliders under the backpack for additional pulls
  • Fairly long straps that can dangle if pulled too tightly

The Ferrino Finisterre 28 has always been one of the Turin-based company’s best sellers, and now it has been completely redesigned to make it even more functional. It is a versatile backpack that can be used for many purposes.

Its 28-litre capacity makes it ideal for one or two-day trekking, but also for winter trekking, basic mountaineering, backpacking in general and, why not, photography.

Its high quality materials and comfort make it an “all-in-one” backpack for those who want a good backpack for every occasion.

ferrino finisterre 28

Technical features of the Ferrino Finisterre 28

  • GRS certified 100% recycled 420D Honeycomb technical fabric
  • DNS (Dry Net System) back
  • Raincover
  • Compatible with H2 Bag hydration system
  • Integrated Recco reflector
  • Dimensions: 57 x 28 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 1.30 kg
  • Capacity: 28 litres
  • Manufacturer link
ferrino finisterre 28

Test Mode

I tested this backpack on several one to two day hikes in the summer. Temperatures were high, so I was particularly sensitive to weight and comfort.

One test in particular was using it as a photography backpack, carrying a camera, lenses, plate filters, tripod and other accessories.

testing the Ferrino backpack

Ferrino Finisterre 28 on-site test

Fit and Adjustments

The backpack immediately proved to be perfect for my height (183cm) and easy to adjust using the loops at the top of the shoulder straps and the hip and chest straps (adjustable in height).

Within seconds, and quite naturally, I found the best setting to make the backpack exceptionally firm.

the back of the backpack
Highly ventilated back

The Ferrino Finisterre 28 never feels like it is moving, and I feel that the backrest with DNS technology has improved on previous models.

In fact, if you compare it with my historic Ferrino Verdon from 12 years ago and with the previous Finisterre model, you will notice that there is a “groove” in the back at lumbar level for the spine, which no longer touches the upholstered part, improving ventilation and the feeling of firmness.

Pockets and storage capacity

A nice change from the old versions of the Finisterre is the front pocket. The old models had a sort of pocket with two side flaps open at the top, which was barely big enough for a map.

The new pocket, on the other hand, is more spacious and closes with a zip; I used it for my wallet, car keys, sunscreen and a photo plate holder.

the front poket of the backpach
The front pocket

I would note that my old Verdon 26 had a thermal pocket on the front, ideal for food or a water bottle. After having it on that backpack, I miss it on every other new backpack….

Another important change is the size of the hip pocket. Compared to the previous Finisterre model, it has finally grown to fit a latest-generation smartphone comfortably.

I had no problem fitting my 160x71mm smartphone with a 6.3″ screen, with a little extra thickness for a spare camera battery and tissues.

The wide hipe pocket
The wide hipe pocket

One of the things I liked most about this Ferrino Finisterre 28 is the U-shaped front opening that gives access to the inside of the pack.

The zip is strong and the access is generous, making it easy to get to items stashed underneath without having to remove everything from the top.

This is particularly useful if you want to use this pack to carry photographic equipment, perhaps in a separate lens padding.

U-shaped front opening
U-shaped front opening

The only flaw is the ‘flaps’ around the opening, which are pronounced and unsightly when the compression straps are not pulled.

For me, not a camel-back enthusiast, this backpack has two mesh side pockets for the traditional water bottle.

However, there is a pocket on the inside of the pack where you can store the camelback by sliding the tube out of the central hole just below the top of the hood.

The comfortable elastic mesh pockets
The comfortable elastic mesh pockets

External loads

The mesh safety pocket inside the hood pocket has a small carabiner attached to a strap (ideal for keys, for example).

There are also two straps that can be used to attach snowshoes, a tent, sleeping bag or other items to the front of the backpack by using the four sliders on each of the backpack’s four straps (two on each side, one high and one low, allowing both horizontal and X-shaped straps to be attached).

Unfortunately, there are no sliders at the bottom to secure items underneath the backpack.

Space to attach sleeping bag or tent
Space to attach sleeping bag or tent

On the left shoulder strap there is a pole attachment marked with a special symbol. These can be quickly attached to the back of the backpack using an elasticated strap and by attaching the ends to a webbing strap.

On the front, there are two more elastic cords attached to the high side straps, where you can attach poles or ice axes, anchoring the tips to the webbing underneath.

Ferrino Finisterre 28

The Ferrino Finisterre 28 is also designed with safety in mind, with a Recco reflector on the outside of the hood to make it easier to find you in an emergency.

The backpack also contains instructions on how to use the whistle and body language to communicate with rescuers at a distance.

The signal whistle is integrated into the quick-fastener attachment on the chest.

recco reflector

Recommended for

Personally, I really liked this backpack and found many of the features that have made me appreciate this brand over the years.

The back, the comfortable pockets, the versatility and also the style make it suitable, in my opinion, mainly for two almost opposite categories of people:

  • Demanding hikers will find everything they need to better organise their treks, with the confidence that they will never get into trouble. And with the possibility of using it for non-complex mountaineering trips.
  • Occasional hikers will find a good backpack for every occasion, from a backpacking holiday (as the name Finisterre rightly suggests) to a hike to a refuge or summit. It’s a great convenience, especially for those who don’t like to have lots of different backpacks in their wardrobes.

I have also noticed a real leap in quality compared to the previous Finisterre model, so I consider it a substantial upgrade.

Ferrino Finisterre 28
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