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10 things to know before you start trekking

If you enjoy walking and love the mountains it goes without saying that sooner or later you will want to start trekking. Here are some questions you might ask yourself and some useful answers for getting started in this activity.

Note: Trekking here means hiking for many hours or several days on mountain trails of difficulty E or EE.

1 – What kind of backpack should I get to start trekking?

Consider size, capacity, and key features such as padding, ventilation, and division of compartments. Balancing literacy with comfort is essential, especially for longer treks.

whick backpack to start trekking

2 – What are the best footwear for trekking?

Choosing the right trekking shoes or boots is critical to start trekking and depends a lot on the type of use you will have, the terrain, and the season. The main factors to consider are ankle support, sole grip, waterproofness, protection and cramponability.

the right shoes to start trekking

3 – What clothing to wear for trekking?

Dressing in layers is essential to properly manage temperature and perspiration. As with shoes, the choice will depend on altitude, season and the environment in which you will be trekking, but the following layers should still be provided: breathable and quick-drying underwear (or base layer), softshell (or mid layer) for protection from wind and cold, and shell (or hardshell) for protection from rain. Also don’t forget socks, gloves and headgear.

4 – How to choose the trekking tent?

Consider the size, weight, seasonality and weather resistance of the tent. For example, there is no point in buying a 4-season tent if you plan to move only in summer and at low to medium altitudes. Trekking tents are generally lightweight and easy to set up, while expedition tents offer more space and durability but are heavier.

how to choose the trekking tent

5 – What kind of sleeping bag to choose?

As with the tent, the choice of trekking sleeping bag depends essentially on the environment and the temperatures you are going to face. Indeed, a trek can be tackled by sleeping in shelters or bivouacs, in tents or even by bivouacking outdoors.

6 – What kitchen equipment do I need?

Stoves, pots and pans, and light utensils are essential for preparing meals in the wild. Consider factors such as fuel efficiency, portability, and ease of use.

how to cook during a trekking

7 – How much water should I bring with me and what is the best way to purify it?

The availability of water varies greatly depending on the environment, so it is critical to bring enough and have a reliable method to purify it. Options include filtration systems, chemical treatments or UV sterilizers. Consider carrying at least 2 liters of water per person per day.

8 – Do I need trekking poles?

Trekking poles can improve stability, reduce strain on joints, and aid balance, especially on uneven terrain, steep ascents and descents, or when wearing a heavy backpack. They are therefore generally recommended.

9 – What other essentials should I carry in my backpack?

Items such as a first aid kit, navigation tools (map, compass, GPS), sunscreen, insect repellent and a multitool are essential for a worry-free trek.

10 – How can I prepare the backpack efficiently?

The backpack should be stable and without annoying pressure points on the shoulders and back. Distribute the weight evenly, put frequently used items within easy reach, and use compression straps to secure the load and minimize bulk.

the right equipment for a though trekking

Remember that equipment needs vary depending on factors such as the length and difficulty of the trek, weather and terrain conditions, and your personal preferences. It is essential to do research, invest in quality equipment that fits your needs and budget, and test equipment with short hikes before embarking on long and complex trekking outings.

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